The lands which are now Dixie County have a rich history. With the Steinhatchee River on the west and the Suwannee River on the east, it was prime land for the Native Americans and early settlers. According from one source, the first white man to come to the Dixie area was in 1820, a young man named George Miller who was from North Carolina. He became friends with Suwannee and Bowlegs, Native Americans, and sons of Chief Tigertail and his wife, Suwannee, of the Seminole tribe, who settled in the region around Lake Miccosukee near what is now Tallahassee. With the blessings of the Indians, Miller settled in the area. He planted corn and peanuts and raised cattle and hogs. Ten years later he was to die from malaria and buried into what is now known as Old Town.